Wien – Tel Aviv

︎ Visual identity, web design and strategy

Wien – Tel Aviv is a group of idealists that has as its objective the preservation and promotion of Austrian-Jewish culture in Israel. Most jewish Austrians were forced to leave the country during Second World War; and many have since been disentangled from their origin. Wien – Tel Aviv’s success is rooted in the value its events have for exiled Austrians, while simultaneously enabling following generations show interest in their parents’ and grandparents’ culture.

Wien – Tel Aviv’s website is an easy-to-use informational and archival resource for the society’s predominantly older audience. The implementation of sophisticated search engine optimisation and an e-mail newsletter have been crucial to make up-to-date information about Wien – Tel Aviv’s events accessible to those not present on social media.

The prediction that Wien – Tel Aviv’s main audience consists of older age groups not active on social media has been proven by statistics collected a year after the new website’s online publication. Around 60% of the visitors are desktop users; no more than 10% of website traffic comes from social media. This has shown that the newly designed newsletter continues to be an important addition to social media in keeping audiences informed about upcoming events, song recitals, and concerts. 

In making contents accessible for audiences not present on social media, search engine optimisation has been crucial. As a result, 55% of websites visits are immediate redirections from Google searches.

︎ Wien – Tel Aviv