Nationalpark Gesäuse

︎ Art direction & photography

Listen to a podcast about my work with Nationalpark Gesäuse at Radio Freequenns. ︎

These postcards are among the products of a two-week placement in Nationalpark Gesäuse as Nationalparks Austria’s scholarship holder in 2016. Printed on strongly textured Hahnemühle paper, which, just like a hike in fresh air and astonishing quietness, allows for the rediscovery of senses often forgotten, the cards offered for sale became a favorite among visitors of the National Park Centre.

In photographing the hiking trails, I do not only point towards the geographical location within Austria (as the red-white-red markation coincides with the country’s flag), but also remind viewers about staying on the tracks, which becomes increasingly important as natural habitat, the heart of the planet’s ecosystem, vanishes across the world. The cards, then, are a reminder that astonishing hikes do not need to be taken off the beaten tracks.