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Small country, big beer: Gösser is an Austrian beer that identifies itself with the country’s nature and heritage. Gösser’s Instagram channel ventures through Austria, bringing the cycle of nature and the changing activities differnet seasons allow for to an audience that is inspired to continue the exploration by itself.

Gösser communicates the values of nature in their most appreciable way: the seasons. Each time of the year has corresponding activities it allows for—from sunny afternoons in the shadow of a tree, to golden autumn walks, to freestyle skiing.
    In this sense, it is nature that also determines the cycle of Gösser’s Instagram channel. And it is Austrian values, heritage, and culture, that determine the exciting ways in which seasons are leisurely utilised. Gösser inspires its followers to take up the activities shown in its photos and videos and motivates them to undertake adventures. By tagging #gutbessergoesser, fans can participate in promoting the Austrian way of life and be featured on Gösser’s channel.
    In order to broaden the scope, allow for more diverse content, and liberalise the representation of Austrian culture, regional celebrities, including photographers and athletes, have been posting in the name of Gösser for durations of one or two weeks each.

Austrians enjoy Gösser as a companion during the greatest undertakings.