I’m interested in everything: image, text, sports, fresh air, … I consult on and develop strategies, websites, and visuals for good purposes. I study anthropology and philosophy at the London School of Economics and have worked in communications at WWF-Cambodia, in editorial at Lettre International, and as an art director with Viennese ad agencies Virtue and Virtual Identity.

Recent long-term positions

Editorial at Lettre International
Communications at WWF-Cambodia
Phnom Penh
Art direction at Virtual Identity
Art direction at Virtue

Karl Ratzer

Karl Ratzer is an Austrian jazz guitarist. He “plays jazz as if it was Viennese folk” (Samir Köck) and engages in a multitude of band projects. In media as well as his own communication channels, he appears as approachable as excentric, as contemporary as legendary, as Viennese as worldy.

Client: Karl Ratzer
Services: Art direction. Web design. Public relations.


Small country, big beer: Gösser is an Austrian beer brand that identifies itself with the country’s nature and heritage. Gösser’s Instagram channel ventures through Austria and its seasons, bringing the cycle of nature and the activities it allows for to an audience that strongly identifies with such values, and gets inspired to take its own action.

Client: Gösser
Website: goesser.at
Services: Art direction. Social media strategy. Photography. Videography. New media.

Wien – Tel Aviv

Wien – Tel Aviv’s website is easy-to-use for its mainly older audience. Two measures, namely the implementation of sophisticated search engine optimisation and an e-mail newsletter, have been crucial to make up-to-date information about the society’s events accessible to interested parties not present on social media.

Client: Wien – Tel Aviv
Services: Corporate identity. Web design.


METROPOLE is an English language monthly magazine targeted at expatriates and internationals in Vienna. Its motto “Don’t be a stranger” captures the magazine’s main goal: To help its readers get acquainted with Austria and its capital Vienna in particular.
“Don’t be a stranger” has also been the conceptual venture point for the vivid portraits taken of celebrities, intellectuals, politicians, dancers, gardeners, and other interviewees featured in one of METROPOLE’s issues.

Client: Metropole
Website: metropole.at
Services: Photography.

Nationalpark Gesäuse

These postcards were among the products of a two-week placement in Nationalpark Gesäuse as the scholarship holder of Nationalparks Austria in 2016. Printed on strongly textured Hahnemühle paper, which, just as a hike in fresh air and astonishing quietness, reminds people of the senses so often forgotten, the cards became a favorite among visitors of the National Park Centre where they were offered for sale.

Client: Nationalpark Gesäuse
Website: gesaeuse.at
Services: Art direction. Photography.

Plattl mit Herz

Jürgen E. Schmidt, epitome of a record lover, has become famous as the face behind Preiser Record’s prime vinyl series Lebendinge Vergangenheit (Lively past). To commemorise his multifaceted personality and 60 years of vinyl history, from the post-war era into the 21st century, from Vienna into the entire world, friends and colleagues initiated a symposium and a book.

Client: Jürgen E. Schmidt
Services: Art direction. Graphic design.


dérive – Society for Urban Research has been established in Vienna as an independent and interdisciplinary network focusing on critical urban research. The NGO aims to collect and spread knowledge on urban issues and foster debate about urban developments from a sociopolitical point of view. Since 2000, dérive publishes the international magazine dérive – Magazine for Urban Research.

Client: dérive
Date: 2017-03-01
Services: Photography


The main objective for WWF-Cambodia has been accessible communication and reciprocal engagement with audiences. WWF wants to increase awareness on how a healthy natural habitat impacts human lives and the economy in a positive way, thus promoting long-term environmental protection also in contexts in which other issues seem more prevalent. From ecotourism to ecosystems, the visual and textual communication via social media, print, and public events focused on spreading what WWF stands for, and the multitude of ways in which its work is valuable.

Client: WWF-Cambodia
Website: panda.org
Services: Journalism. Web design. Photography. Social media strategy. PR.